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Meet Glick Housing Foundation

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Affordable housing is out of reach for too many Americans.

Founded in 2005, Indianapolis-based charity Glick Housing Foundation – part of Glick Philanthropies' family of charitable initiatives – is focused on closing the affordable housing gap by:

  • Providing affordable apartment homes with a focus on supporting resident well-being,

  • Preserving affordable housing, and

  • Advocating for creative solutions to expand affordable housing options.

Today, Glick Housing Foundation provides affordable apartment homes to more than 11,000 residents in 46 communities across 11 states. Through acquisition, rehabilitation, and commitment to long-term ownership, Glick Housing Foundation has invested more than $500 million in the preservation of affordable housing. Additionally, Glick Housing Foundation has invested more than $16 million in providing onsite services to support resident well-being. 

Glick Housing Foundation recently launched a website at

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